Billing & Patient FAQs

CBM Pathology laboratory staff puts a special emphsis on being always friendly and willing to help you in any way possible. Billing questions or concerns are easily handled by in-office staff or by a billing specialist focused on patient care and satisfaction.

My insurance requires I use certain laboratories, what insurances does CBM Pathology participate?
CBM Pathology has contracts or accepts allowable reimbursement with most insurance companies. Please refer to Insurances Accepted or contact our lab with any questions, (301) 926 - 4707      .

Why have I received a bill from CBM Pathology?
Please keep in mind, you may be referring to an Explanation of Benefits, "EOB", from your insurance and if so, this is not a bill. If you have not received an actual bill from CBM Pathology, then you are not likely responsible for balances referenced on your insurance EOB. Nonetheless, CBM Pathology is focused on patient care and satisfaction and participates with most insurance plans so patients do not have undue bills not covered by their health insurance. Please contact CBM Pathology, rather than your referring physician / surgery center, our in-office staff is best suited to handle any of your questions / concerns and resolve your insurance issue, (301) 926 - 4707      .

I have received a bill from CBM Pathology, but I have insurance. Can CBM Pathology file my claim directly with my insurance company?
Simply attach a copy of your insurance card to your bill and return it to CBM 
Pathology, the claim will be filed with your insurance company.

How long will it take to get my test results?
Your referring physician will receive the report and interpret the finding in combination with your medical history and other test. Your referring physician will contact you to discuss the results or you may choose to call his / her office. CBM Pathology offers same day telephone or fax results on all malignant cases to the referring physician. We also offer same day second opinion for patients' previous cases from other laboratories when slides are available. For FNA biopsies, CBM Pathology communicates preliminary diagnosis to the referring physician within four hours of the procedure, if requested.

Are my test results kept confidential?
Yes, CBM Pathology is HIPAA compliant and adheres to strict confidentiality policies. Patient privacy is maintained at all times.

Can you help me to understand my test results?
You should contact your referring physician if you have any questions about your test result. Your physician will interpret your laboratory test results in 
conjunction with information about your medical history, physical examination, and other test results, and provide you with medical advise, follow up and treatment.

My doctor has ordered an FNA Biopsy procedure, how do I schedule this procedure, where do I go, and how long will it take?
Dr. Carla B. MacLeod performs FNA procedures in our comfortable office setting in Gaithersburg, MD. Please call the laboratory to schedule an appointment, (301) 926- 4707, Monday thru Friday 10 am - 5 pm. The procedure only lasts a few minutes, however you should plan for your appointment to last 45 min - 1 hour as the test is performed to determine adequacy of specimen collected. 
For more information, FNA Biopsy Patient Education, or contact 
our lab at (301) 926- 4707.